03 February 2007

What is confidence?

This is what the collective genius of Wikipedia has come up with: "Confidence: When the anxiety is at an optimum level, you are at your best. You know that negative outcomes are possible, but rather than exaggerating or minimizing it, you give it the due attention necessary (What can I do if this happens…). So perhaps a better definition of confidence is the state of balanced perceptions and preparation."

And I wrote this some time ago and continue coming back to it:

Power is how one utilises their roster of wisdoms (knowledge + experience = wisdom) to maintain their order and interpretation of reality held over any others.

Because reality requires two or more persons to define it, I want to define confidence as the state of defining the boundaries by which you establish your sovereign understanding of context(s) and your resident power over them. (Power as defined above.)

Watching managers work with their staff is often an eloquent dance of establishing limits by the manager(s) to keep staff working within expected parametres. Or when someone uses their wisdom/power to infringe themselves on an area of someone else's life, but the victim has no abstract or concept of just what this area of their life is or how it works. (Lots of poeple fear marketing for just this reason.)

So is this one of the real keys to occult power? Building up ontologies of perceptions and simply being able to impose your perceived orders — metaphysical scaffolding of understanding that one person may have over their world — over others because they haven't the experience and/or knowledge to defend themselves. In other words, the one-eyed may be the king of the blind.

Which brings me back to this quote by Daniel Goleman:

The range of what we think and do
is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice
that we fail to notice
there is little we can do
to change
until we notice
how failing to notice
shapes our thoughts and deeds.

Always be at least aware: there are those others out there that notice, and they can experiment with your own personal boundaries by imposing themselves upon your will to find where it's most malleable and open to influence. How can you protect yourself if you're not willing to explore yourself spiritually, your own depths to know how you've defined yourself?

Indeed, in the kingdom of the blind, the man with one eye is king.

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