27 February 2007



Light and darkness, life and death, on the right and left,
these are children, they are inseperably together.
But the good are not good, the wicked not wicked,
life not life, death not death.
Each element fades to an original source.
But those who live above the world cannot fade.
They are eternal.


The names of earthly things are illusory.
We stray from the real to the unreal.
If you hear the word “god,” you miss the real
and hear the unreal.
Father, son, holy spirit, life, light, resurrection, church.
These words are not real. They are unreal
but refer to the real, and are heard in the world.
They fool us. If those names were in the eternal realm,
they would never be heard on earth.
They were not assigned to us here.
Their end dwells in the eternal realm.


Only one name is not uttered in the world:
the name the father gave the son.
Above the name of all others is the father’s name.
The son would not be father without wearing
the father’s name.
Those with his name know it but do not speak it.
Those without his name do not think it.


Truth made names in the world,
and without them we can’t think.
Truth is one and is many,
teaching one thing through the many.


The rulers [Archons] wanted to fool us,
since they saw we were connected with the good.
They took the names of the good
and gave them to the not good
so with names they could trick
and rope us to the not good.
As though doing us a favour,
they took the names from the not good
and placed them on the good.
They knew what they were doing.
They wanted to grab those of us who were free
and make us eternal slaves.

The Gospel of Philip:
Nag Hammadi Codex II, 3, pp. 52,29 to 86,19
taken from The Gnostic Bible, pp. 261–2



This sounds so much like the wisdom of the Upanishads... maybe the Nag Hammadi scrolls are the true teachings of Christ who had probably interned under an Indian fakir. In Kashmir valley they also have a Jewish grave that is believed to be the final resting place of our resurrected Lord.
I like ur blog... a lot!

Maria Timmie said...

I actually had the pleasure of listening to two of your lectures at the U of A; one when I was a student in the Witchcraft & Occult class, and another time when my fiance' was taking the class and I decided to relive an old lesson. You're really good at what you do, and I really enjoy your blogs :)

Don said...

Thank you, Maria. It's nice to receive feedback.

Anonymous said...

Help me find Frater Achad in Edmonton. SpoonerL2@ you know the macewan email tag.

Don said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I felt that this could be interesting for you..

Frits said...

Hello Don,
Just discovered your blog and have been reading in it for the past few days. I love both the content and your approach very much.
Just wanted to let you know this.

Don said...

Thanks, Frits! It's been a while since I've posted anything. I am sort of between curriculae, trying to find an esoteric bend to the design work I am doing. Hopefully I'll get around to new material or a new blog that is more mainstream in its business viability, but still entertaining thinking such as this. =]

Anonymous said...

Don, I'm just curious if you are blogging somewhere else. Your stuff is great.
Best wishes.

Don said...

Indeed, I do some blogging as part of the Technoccult team now. Also, I've been inundated with work so my focus has been on that and other "extracurricular" activities lately.


I'd like to do more in-depth writing in time, but if I do anything more robust than what I am currently doing for Technoccult it will probably be in book format, or something similar for mass consumption.

Peace and love, y0.