06 February 2007

Bev Oda, I strongly dislike you

We live in a wondrous age of communications, new arts and media, and new social experimentation. But the behemoths of antiquity loom over us, every-present and perpetuating their own existence. When will it be okay for us to publicly execute politicians again? Really.

I've written two letters to Bev Oda (I highly doubt she reads them herself), expressing my distaste for her efforts to bring Canadian copyright law around to reflect the interests of corporate America. But now she's among the many federal politicians to be outed for abusing public dollars on personal, frivolous fluff, like limousines:

Documents obtained by the Liberals under Access to Information show that Oda and her staff used a private limo company 11 times in four days, ordering several cars each day and paying drivers to stand by for as long as seven hours at a stretch.

The bill, dated April 8, totalled $5,476. Documents show Oda wrote a cheque reimbursing the government for $2,226 on May 19.

"When people started asking questions, the minister’s conscience apparently got the better of her and she cut a cheque for $2,200, but when will the minister cough up another $3,200 to cover the rest of the cost of her Juno joyride?" Liberal MP Michael Savage asked in the House of Commons.

Makes me wonder, from a design standpoint, how to reprimand politicians without actually beheading them. (It's a fabulous idea, but just not savvy with the times.) It all reminds me of this Agnes Repplier quote: "The clearsighted do not rule the world, but they sustain and console it."

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Thirtyseven said...

"When will it be okay for us to publicly execute politicians again? Really."

When was it okay to do that? That sounds great. I missed out.

Don said...

What? You mean people acted independently and just went out and did it?

WTF are we doing then…