22 January 2007

“Tower of Incompatibabel”

Pixel artist eBoy has posted a new graphic entitled "Tower of Incompatibabel" (link) that very neatly makes the connection between DRM and proprietary formats and the dystopia that followed the fall of the Tower of Babel.

I was just writing about the problem of language, understanding, and Babel recently on Technoccult: "From Xibalba to Babel, it’s conceptual vacation time!" As has been said before, history repeats itself in one manner or another. We're wont to repeat it all over. From the peoples of Mesopotamia or the Mayan Quiché people (see linked post) to the modern struggles for proprietary digital rights management (DRM) systems. The struggle for control creates contexts which justify the ownership and we can't move ahead to work on unraveling the grander mysteries of ourselves and our world.

(Speaking of which, Ubuntu is releasing Ubuntu Studio for you open source creative media types out there!)

via Boing Boing à la Architectures of Control in Design

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