10 August 2006

Deepak Chopra and Grant Morrison, Virgin Comics

via Tales from the Bookcase Forest à la Alchemically Braindamaged

(The sound is shite, but a worthy watch for those interested in storytelling and the power of myth.)

Everyone with an interest in comics should take a good look at the serious initiatives behind serial-entrepreneur Richard Branson's Virgin Comics. Based out of Bangalore, India, Virgin is tapping the huge market for myth, animation, and new storytelling… all while eschewing the cliché Western stories and retelling the tales of the East.

With Deepak Chopra as a partner in Virgin Comics, and the likes of John Woo, Garth Ennis, and (seen here) Grant Morrison getting involved, we're seeing a refreshing approach to the genre. A beautifully potent genre for storytelling, at that. I wish it would pick up in North America.