12 June 2006

‘SLC Punk!’

Some more Fell goodness for you today, in relation to the previous post, You are the only enemy you will ever have. In further retrospect, one of the best films I had the pleasure of seeing over the past few months was recommended to me by Kevin at The Lobby on Whyte Avenue (for Edmontonians reading this into eclectic cinema, check it out).

The film is called SLC Punk! (trailer here) and I was surprised I'd not seen it earlier. But for anyone who grew up part of a subculture, or who still clings on to the whatever vestiges they have left, this movie is worth seeing. The end was particularly good, imho. It touches on the community felt and perpetuated by subcultures in a sardonic and light-hearted fashion. Director James Merendino fuses elements similar to David Fincher's Fight Club, making for a pleasurable viewing experience (see: above clip). But mostly, it's a good coming-of-age tale… for ex-punks… is there such a thing?

In contrast, I went to see the French film Caché last week with a friend of mine. Now, I'm not one to prevent anyone from doing anything, but let me leave you with a friendly suggestion: use those two hours of your life doing something — anything — else. Masturbation would have been considerably more worthwhile (I was with good company, however).

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