19 May 2006

1st Birthday

Well. I remember the first time I set up a blog, which was something like six or seven years ago. It was a LiveJournal site, right back when LJ literally just started out, before Six Apart bought them. Then, when I first started this blog, it was more of a joke by the name of Love Pretty, Hate Stupid. The great majority of the first entries were about sexuality, sex magic, and what not.

365 days. In this first year, my ideas and concepts about occultism have grown and shifted in many ways. I love the occult because it's a system of symbols, of learning to interpret, to explore the worlds within and without. That makes it perfectly fine to see the world one way yesterday, and another tomorrow. Through much work, I've come to become very comfortable in the today — as my friend Jason, Reiki master and poet, puts it: Being of the moment.

In 365 days I've met and discussed various topics, from design to the occult, and met numerous exciting and wonderful voices. I know I may not always be the easiest to get along with, but I'm more interested in stirring the debate and the process of learning than in my own ego, so I am also one of the first to apologise when I overstep the boundaries of others.

And after one year, it seems I begin a new chapter. I quit both of my jobs last week and am heading to Vancouver and Whistler for much-needed relaxing. Two partners and I incorporate our first company together in the coming weeks, a café-style pub tentatively called the Heart of Hundreds. I begin to focus more on my own freelance design work, rather than others'. I consolidated all my debt and was even allowed a credit card this year, the first since I buggered my credit back in college. My roommates and I are moving into a new house. Jennifer Emick, of altreligion.about.com, even posted a link to our humble blog and traffic spiked this morning. And my focus shifts from the spiritual to business: comfortable with my years-in-the-coming piety, I begin to appreciate the game of the business world more and more in all its regards. (I must be getting all growed-up, my subscription to the Harvard Business Review gets me quite excited now.) The wisdom I've garnered in the occult is easily translated to the business world with some work, it just takes some study and acquainting myself with the semantic of business. I find the game is the same in all systems, it's just the language and the façades of the symbols that change. I begin to see through the veneer and the structures of business are becoming ever more obvious to me.

I even broke my year-plus-long vow of celibacy last night (to the shock and awe of some)! Taking time off from the so-called pursuit of happiness and years of refining what I desire in friends led me to a woman that I immediately came to appreciate. Her knowledge of magic is practical and natural, she's smart, funny, confident and aggressive, doesn't mind that I am a bad dancer, her appreciation of Star Trek is tantamount to that of my friends, and it doesn't hurt that she's most-awesomely gorgeous. She even left her bruises upon my neck. Well worth breaking my vow for. Besides, we all know why rules were made in the first place…

Thanks to anyone and everyone that stop by to read what I've been typing. I don't know how pertinent it is, but I've received a few notes of thanks and I appreciate the community. Year #2 should prove even more interesting as I start to re-apply this next generation of experience and knowledge into practical matters!


kylark said...

Happy blogiversary!

Your self-assessment seems pretty honest, from what I know of you. What a good ability to have.

And congrats on your delicious-sounding rule-breaking. Vive l'amour!

kristin said...

Oh!! MAN DON!!
Well congrats on all your achievments especially the girl she sounds great and you deserve it!!
Ive known you for a while now and you ve trully taught me alot and opened new doors in so many untouched directions. Thanks so much for all your opinionated writtings , cunning jokes, genius speeches and most of all taking the time to bestoe some of your trully enchanting knowledge on me.
Keep Rockin in the Free world!
Enjoy Van and say hi to malania for me too.
Luv ya xoxo, Kris

channel null said...

Congrats on all that, Mr. Fell, and happy birthday to your simulacrum here. That is also the best use of "shock and awe" in a while, too. Here's to vow-breaking, it makes everything delicious.

Fell said...

Hey, thanks for all the nice words!


Rev. Illuminatus Maximus said...


on job quitting

and celibacy vow breaking

that last part was suprising to me, you have always struck me as sort of the libertine/bon-vivant type

shows what I know!

have fun in Vancouver!~

>Love is grand, and worth it

BTW, my "word verification" - "youenlp"

make of that what you will+

StoryBoy! said...

Ah mr Fell!

Congrats on the birthday!
i only recently discovered your blog by chance + find the topics + thoughts most interesting!
also my attention/potential has, as result of this blog, been directed in some amazing new directions (a boat set sail a couple of weeks ago ;p).

good luck with the business ventures + the new grrrl (she sounds yummy!)

all the best

Fell said...

Rev, I am most assuredly the connoisseur of the flirt that I was prior, but I think most people don't realise that it's the chase I enjoy, not the endgame, as it were. I guess it's the "thrill of the hunt" that got me into it all, but sex got boring outside of relationships, and relationships of depth have been pretty non-existent since my ex of many years ago moved to the Netherlands.

I know what I want, as I could see the elements I admired here and there, scattered like slivers among many other women. So I waited to meet someone like her. And so far, we haven't offended one another with our peculiarities, in fact it seems we might actually be sympathetic and understanding of them.

So yeah, I love the flirt, but the depth that comes out of close friendships can't be emulated. And sex got boring without the depth.

Besides, she can hold her own when it comes to the chase, I'm sure. We just seemed to have skipped all that with one another…

You ENLP? I just checked the Myers-Brigg, there is no ENLP, which is the only thing I could think of. I have been guaged as an ENTP, though. Or there's also the eNLP neuro-linguistic programming centre in the U.K. or something. Reminds me of that symbolic message Dane received in The Invisibles which gave him a power word to save himself.

storyboy!, I'm glad you stopped by to say Hello! It's good to know that some of the stuff I work through and/or have struggled with can be of some use to others. I just wish I had the time to devote more of myself to this blog, more formally. I think as some of the work I am doing on other areas converges, there shall be torrents of new thoughts.

Thanks, everyone!

michaelSurtees said...

Thanks for sharing Don.

kylark said...

I just looked at that picture again and realized how very odd it is. An alien reading Dianetics surrounded by pretty girls. Hmm.

Fell said...

Yeah, I was wondering if anyone would comment on that. I like the idea of mixing genres not normally considered.

It's the spice of life.

Anonymous said...


Fell said...

It's actually vade's tone/cymatic stuff which will still be on the homepage, at this URL in particular. I embedded it with AutoPlay set to OFF, but some browsers don't seem to acknowledge that and start it automatically regardless.

This is what we call crappy discrepencies between browserss. And oddly, seeing as how it's a Microsoft piece of code with the Microsoft Media Player, you figure it's odd that it's always IE that fucks up. Odd, no?