16 April 2006

“A Theory of Power,” free download!

—Noam Chomsky

"Very impressive"
—Daniel Quinn

"Very rich, stimulating and ambitious… I salute your important work."
—John Zerzan

Those little quotes are awesome; such a great form of propaganda. Regardless, check out Jeff Vail's blog. There is a link to the free PDF download of his book, A Theory of Power. I've been checking out Vail's blog for some time now, and as of late with my own interest in the whole concept of power, I'm going to be delving into more of his writing. Time permetting.


Go read! And if you dig the blog, spend the $10 to purchase the hardcopy edition of the book. Seriously, spread the love.

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brad said...

well if noam said it is fascinating, i gotta read it