02 April 2006

Secrets of the Matrix, by David Icke

Secrets of the Matrix I
2 hr 11 min 57 sec

Secrets of the Matrix II
2 hr 32 min 8 sec

Secrets of the Matrix III
2 hr 7 min 13 sec



kylark said...

Wait is this, like a six hour documentary? Because if it is, that's fucked up.

The secret of the Matrix is that real life is better than the media.

Which the Matrix itself has a really hard time telling you, being as it is a very entertaining film.

Fell said...

It is indeed long. But it's not an extrapolation of the Wachowski Brothers' film, The Matrix. I believe Icke has used the matrix analogy as his own for a while, too. More to do with symbolism and conspiracy…

Marco said...

Unfortunately Google video has just removed the videos.

Please find a new link or link to the low-res version at http://www.guba.com