23 April 2006

“Right In Two”

10,000 Days, the forthcoming album from Tool, is excellent. Definitely going to be one to purchase as soon as it's officially released (2 May, according to Amazon.ca). This may actually be my favourite album by them so far, though Ænima will always have a special place in my heart. I'll let everyone check out the lyrics and music when they purchase the album (or read them on Tool's website, when the album is out), but because I tend to break the rules occasionally in order to help out those not willing to, here is a look at one of the new tracks. Funny, I can't call it "animosity," or "feelings," but it deals with the angels' ________ over humans and free will. Not that many of us develop free will in our lifetimes, but it's a recurrant in certain occult lit. Here it is, "Right In Two":

Angels on the sideline,
Puzzled and amused
Why did Father give these humans free will?
Now they're all confused

Don't these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly old monkeys
Where there's one you're bound to divide it
Right in two

Angels on the sideline
Baffled and confused
Father blessed them all with reason
And this is what they choose
Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground.

Silly monkeys given thumbs
They forge a blade
And where there's one
They're bound to divide it,
Right in two
Right in two

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground
Silly monkeys give them thumbs
They make a club
And beat their brother… down
How they survive so misguided is a mystery
Repugnant dismal creature who would squander
The ability to live, to die, and have a conscience
Brothers live inside here

Cut it all right in two (×4)

Fight over the clouds, over wind, over sky
Fight over life, over blood, over prayer, overhead and light
Fight over love, over sun, over another

Angels on the sideline again
Been so long with patience and reason
Angels on the sideline again
Wondering when this tug of war will end

Cut it all right in two (×3)
Right in two

Right in two…


Anonymous said...

Hi dude! U r missing some part of the lyric!! IS A CREATURE WHO WOULD SQUANDER THE ABILITY TO LIVE TO LIGHT


picklejazz said...

hey thanks for putting up these lyrics. i cheated and listened to this and vicarious before may 2nd, (as an avid tool fan that listens to them, and ONLY them, i figured that i am rewarded TWO songs instead of just one to tie me over) and i was wondering what a couple of the things he said was. one again, another entrancing song by tool... reminded me a little of a condensed version of pushit live with the drum part in the middle. enjoy everyone!

Fell said...

Thanks anonymous!

I'll have to listen to it again and find it's location in the song.


Yeah, that live rendition of "Pushit" is awesome! I have it in their box set.