27 April 2006

Be genderless (and drink Campari)

via Boing Boing à la Miles of Yarn


kylark said...

That's the sexiest thing I've seen in, like, ever.

Do you recognize the music? I think it's from Eyes Wide Shut. What do you suppose that means?

Fell said...

Good ear! I didn't place it at first, but it does remind me of the scene in the mansion during the secret society's masked sex party.

It may have simply been an art director's call for moody, heavy music, or mean something more esoteric, I do not know.

I should watch Eyes Wide Shut again. I know there's layers of meaning there I just wasn't picking up on years ago when I'd watched it.

Good thing I have the Stanley Kubrick box set!

channel null said...

This is the smartest ad I've seen in a long time, but I also don't watch TV.

There's an article in the Kentroversy Papers about strange coincidences surronding Kubrick's death and Eyes Wide Shut: here. Joseph Matheny did a gpod broadcast that was only the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack. Joseph Matheny also masterminded Ong's Hat. Make from all this what you will.

Fell said...

I mean to print this document out, Null, so that I can sit down and watch Eyes Wide Shut and review the occult symbolism. Gives me some homework.