20 March 2006

What is DMT like?

I like trying to find art or animation that represent the way I experienced certain meditations or psychedelic experiences (past example). I expect most anyone reading this has already seen it, but in case you haven't, this is the end of the music video for "Parabola," by Tool. The piece is based on the artwork by and animated by Alex Grey, who also did the cover art for this particular album, Lateralus. Of course, nothing can prepare you for the actual experience of DMT, but since sight is our primary sense, this helps.

Though, as a note, my experience with DMT could be compared to the visualisations and points of focus presented here, but mine was reversed chronologically. I more or less started as a void, then awareness of a point become inherent. From there, I re-enacted the creation of the Universe by multiplying planes and adding vibration, form, and mass to colours and sensations. In the end, I fell back into my body. The most accurate description of this whole experience is almost same as the description put forth in the beginning of New Millennium Magic, by Donald Tyson. Except he wasn't explaining a DMT trip, he was describing the creation of the Universe through geometry, alchemy, and Qabalah. As such, I'd like to inform everyone that I am God. However, so are you…

Also, Joe Rogan's rant about his experience with DMT is more than amusing… definitely worth a listen.

Now if I could just find something to represent Salvia divinorum


Anonymous said...

salvia divinorum is amazing. it scares me senseless but i keep coming back to it.

what's interesting about it is that it's delicious, the taste of it is wonderful. what i find happens is that i smoke it, the taste hits me, and then the taste starts waving through my body -- it's synaesthetic, the taste becomes a feeling throughout my body. taste as a physical sensation.

then i get that feeling of predetermination, i can't really explain that. it's very very strange.

and then i put the bowl down. it's amazing how fast it kicks in. god bless that it's still legal, i hope it stays that way. it's a channel straight to god.

cris said...

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