09 March 2006

A public service message from Invisible College II

“Language shapes the way we think,
and determines what we can think about.”

—Benjamin Lee Whorf (American Linguist noted for his hypotheses regarding the relation of language to thinking and cognition and for his studies of Hebrew and Hebrew ideas, 1897–1941)

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”
—Charlemagne quotes

(Quotes via Invisible College II.)

I honestly wish I would've stayed in French classes as a child, but back then no one wanted to learn French. (As an odd twist, our French teacher in elementary school taught us Christmas carols in Ukrainian one year.)

However, just as I've mentioned before, the mastery over one's monomyth as put forth by the likes of Joseph Campbell allows the mastery of two realms analogous to "languages," as put forth above. Rather than thinking of them as just languages, think of them as subcultural perspectives. Each particular vernacular hosts a different perception, and consequently a different approach to social interaction, problem-solving, and ways to be creative and entertaining. Language is a means to communicate, involving so many different methods.

The very poetry of one's life can change by adopting the languages of others.


JK said...

You might get a kick outta this then.

Pupils write with both hands simultaneously

'"Not just that, these children can use both their hands to write in two different languages on two different subjects at the same time."

One student, Kamla, said: "I know six languages - Hindi, Urdu, English, Roman, Sanskrit and Arabic. I can write in two languages at one time."'


Fell said...

I seem to consistently find things that humble me on a weekly basis. All I can say is, Holy crap!

Us North American whiteys ain't got shit on that. I can't even masturbate with my other hand without it feeling like some stranger's doing it. A stranger that doesn't know what I like…

channel null said...

and you call yourself a chaos magickian? you're going to get carpal tunnel in your dominant hand if you don't switch that shit up...

... reminds me of how we can see our own personas bleed together most noticibely through language. e.g., my self-selected "i" doesn't use the word "coordinate" outside of an office... until he had to start making what he did in an office seem important... on the other hand (ha ha), my office "i" probably uses the term "psilocybin" at .00001 the rate that my non-office selfs do. speaking of which, those little fungal friends are an excellent source to download other myths from/with.

JK said...


Fell said...

Haha, yeah, what JK said…