15 March 2006

The new film from Matthew Barney

Drawing Restraint 9
  • Link to the QuickTime trailer

  • Link to Japanese homepage (in English)

  • Link to a really good piece on the collaboration between Barney and Björk

  • Link to interview with Björk on the project

  • Link to the Wikipedia entry


Kylark said...

I *really* want to see this.

Somebody on Metafilter mentioned Masonic elements in Matthew Barney's work. I didn't know he was a mason. But then, I don't know much about him. Seeing this trailer, though, makes me want to see the Cremaster cycle, which from what I understand is only shown in its entirety at art museums/theatres. I.e., you can't go down to Blockbuster and get a copy to watch at home. The Walker in Minneapolis just did the cycle last year or the year before, so I doubt I'll get to see it anytime soon.

Fell said...

The video store we frequent, albeit a local business that caters to a more art-oriented region of Edmonton, carries The Cremaster Cycle III. It was the last of the five he produced (Barney did them out of order). It is available for order; I know Palm Pictures is the DVD distro for it in North America.

I also saw it in the theatre here (Pt III), though I do not recall which theatre. It may have been the local arthouse. The film was defintiely Freemason-inspired, and one of my favourite parts is the conflict of the east and west coasts, between Agnostic Front and Murphy's Law. That scene was the awesome.

Overall, however, the series is a little drawn out. But he's an artist, he's allowed to be gratuitous, I suppose.