10 March 2006

I am anti-Semitic, but not “anti-Semitic”

My beautiful friend, Alix, of Victoria, B.C., sent me this comic by Mr Fish, which is currently displayed prominently on the front page of the Harper's website and published in the magazine Friday, 10 March 2006. I think it nicely sums up the power of language. I've often expressed my malcontent with Israel and Judaism in world politics, but more often than not anyone that expresses such an opinion is wont to be labeled "anti-Semitic."

Yes, I am, in a way, anti-Semitic. I have a distaste for the dualism purported by Semitic religions, namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. I see it as detrimental to the social myth and most every consequential development of the Western zeitgeist because of it. But do I sit down and just hate Jews? Fuck no. Jews tend to be very nice people. (Hi, Amos!)

It's the power of language, and I believe Judaism has used it much to their advantage since the War era.

It also reminds me of this article about how Microsoft tends to get a bad rap, while "designers" froth at the mouth over the fervour created around Apple. Are users really basing their decisions on their own knowledge and experience, or are they victims of smart marketing. In many cases, I believe the latter is accurate in describing many Apple whores out there. However, that is just my personal opinion, hehe!

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