20 March 2006

‘emosive’ prototype

This is synchronous to the post I made yesterday, Defining complexities for the masses. The emosive (formerly e:sense) project was developed by the design team of the “Designs Which Create Design” workshop, held at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) 2006. The workshop focused on design methodologies when designing dynamic media systems.

A mobile service for the emotionally triggered

emosive is a new service for mobile devices which allows capturing, storing and sharing of fleeting emotional experiences. Based on the Cognitive Priming theory, as we become more immersed in digital media through our mobile devices, our personal media inventories constantly act as memory aids, “priming” us to better recollect associative, personal (episodic) memories when facing an external stimulus. Being mobile and in a dynamic environment, these recollections are moving, both emotionally and quickly away from us. Counting on the fact that near-today’s personal media inventories will be accessed from mobile devices and shared with a close collective, emosive bundles text, sound and image animation to allow capturing these fleeting emotional experiences, then sharing and reliving them with cared others. Playfully stemming from the technical, thin jargon of the mobile world (SMS, MMS), emosive proposes a new, light format of instant messages, dubbed “IFM” – Instant Feeling Messages.

Click to go directly to an emosive demo

Wow: Ask and ye shall receive. After just finally putting down thoughts, and the internet — via we make money not art — barfs up an already-in-development concept that could see what I was previously writing about a reality. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it's a start.

Channel Null left some interesting thoughts in retrospect, which I may have to touch on at a later date.

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