13 March 2006


This video of Ms_Lohan being harassed at some shopping mall is disturbing. I remember the frenzy over Brad & Angelina when they were in Edmonton last year, shooting some flic. It's fucking embarrassing. And interesting; definitely something I will be looking at more closely in the future.

I am currently reading The Thousandfold Thought, by the fantastic R. Scott Bakker. The Thousandfold Thought, as far as I can tell, is the phenomena by which one becomes bridled with a destiny cemented by the faith or belief of many other people. In the book's case, it is an assassin monk, named Anasûrimbor Kellhus, trained in the ways of reason, logic, and the manipulation of other's emotions. He comes to possess the spirits of many power of people within the book and, as a consequence, inspires the curiosity and admiration of those under the poeple near him. Through them, so on an so forth, others come to believe in this monk as a Warrior-Prophet.

Kellhus, raised to explore the Logos and the so-called "Shortest Path," comes into conflict trying to discern the power of destiny and how others' beliefs in him can affect him so.

Kellhus is also a fictional character representing the power of reason and order. Lindsay Lohan is an idiot. Here we have a create acting out the sick and lonely desires of thousands of idolaters. She is a puppet. And the more people suffer in not knowing themselves, the more these American idols will strive to fill that void, committing a sort of spiritual suicide in a sense. But not by choice, not akin to the Christ or other saints. They are a broken reflection of a broken people, corrupt from the beginning.

An interesting question is thus: In the paradox of the chicken or the egg, could an affect be submitted unto the vulgar masses affected by the machinations of American culture? If we could silence and remove these false idols, these broken teenage heartthrobs, slit their throats and vanish them from public eye. What then?

Of course, I know others would only-too-quickly fill their places, as it's a part of the American dream now. But what if there were only genuine talent to choose from as sources of inspiration, perhaps the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Joaquin Phoenix, Barry Pepper, Sarah Polley, Tool, and U2? The Princess Dianas of the world, rather than the bitches fighting for every minute of airtime they can get their generic, No Name™ brand faces on.

Fortunately for society, there are more vulgar throats out there than there are razor blades.

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