19 March 2006

Canadian genocide of aboriginal peoples

And while I would like to continue the stereotype that Canadians are, for the most part, decent people, I am happy to report that these atrocities were committed by none other than the United Church of Canada, the largest Protestant body in the country. WWJD?

While the Canadian government is not taking much action until claims can be more fully substantiated, it's really just a stall on their part. I grew up just north of Edmonton and near the Poundmaker school, which used to be for aboriginal or "First Nation" children. And all we heard growing up were horror stories about what happened to the kids there.

I won't repost the excellent questions posited on RINF News, but check it out here:


Highlights include:

3. How many aboriginal women and men were sexually sterilized at United Church hospitals, especially the R.W. Large Memorial Hospital in Bella Bella, BC, the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, and the Nanaimo Indian Hospital?

4. Why did the United Church provide aboriginal children from its residential schools as live test subjects in post-War drug-testing, radiation experiments and mind control programs, including in the CIA-operated Project Paperclip?

8. What information does the church have about a native pedophile ring, associated with The Vancouver Club, which involves United Church clergy and lawyers, judges, and church-affiliated native leaders?

15. Why has the United Church continually broken the law by violating the terms of its charitable status under The Income Tax Act, by channeling considerable revenue towards non-charitable purposes, such as legal fees, public relations expenses, and corporate investments?

16. Why has the United Church refused to accept its share of responsibility for the deaths of more than 50,000 native children in church-run residential schools across Canada, when its school Principals were the legal guardians of these children?

18. Now that the United Church of Canada and its officers have been found guilty in absentia of committing and concealing genocide against aboriginal peoples under the United Nation’s 1948 Convention on Genocide, which Canada ratified in 1952, what steps are being taken by the church to comply with international law, and surrender all guilty persons and evidence to the judgement of the International Criminal Court?

Also: HiddenFromHistory.org has a link to a CTV piece on the genocide of native peoples, and links to articles and their efforts to bring an international investigation to light.

I fully agree with them. As Canadians, we are too used to snubbing the First Nations peoples. Any Crime Against Humanity should not go un-heeded, and I am embarrassed by how long Canada has ignored its responsibility to own up to this. The Church I can understand, as it's been perverted for centuries now and continues in its function of poisoning White America by justifying its fears and isolation of ideas.

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