09 March 2006

Breaching both the worlds without and within via… Google?

And by synchronicity, I watched this right after writing that last trainwreck of an entry. (All my posts are trainwrecks of thought, in my opinion.)

Anyone interested, watch this video:

EPIC 2015

A wonderful look at how technology may (will) be able to allow the human experience to manage both breaches unto the whole of society, as well as organising experiences by which we can navigate our own personal transformations.

It is the latter I want to focus on in the coming years…

EDIT — My friend Scott, in Vancouver, has sent me a reference to the above video, stating that "It's funny that Snow Crash called the idea of a paying info-exchange way back when." So for anyone interested check out that novel, by Neal Stephenson. I've heard nothing but good about it.

Also, I just came across this via Invisibile College II and it has to do with the previous post dealing with androids. I know it's been around the internet already, but for posterity's (and irony's) sake you can read about the robot modelled after Philip K. Dick that has recently gone missing, link.


channel null said...

the thing I just can't work out with something like "Epic 2015" is how it is that those datamining-style technologies can be used to enable "multiple personality disorder as a way of life", too much of datamining/"narrowcasting" advertising-style work requires the accumulation of trends. I suppose it could be used to help provoke growth like your experimentation with the J/Nohari window--the underlying theory is crap, your & your buddies' theory of usage for the window is lightyears ahead of the psych 201 explanation...

I bet you could use it to explore other thing you were interested in, e.g., if you didn't know much about a genre of music but liked a few tracks, but is that the same thing? that seems like simple bootstrapping...

Posed simply, How would we collect data on an "individual" in order to enable them to better adopt different personas at will & in the most fitting matter?

Fell said...

See, this is where it gets truly interesting. Google and their ilk are definitely revolutionising the secular world, the way information is gathered, travels, et cetera. In doing so, I believe they'll truly open up a new era for humanity, how we interact, how we go on to perceive not only our environments, but ourselves as members of a community.

No one's touched on the technology of introspective mapping yet. That is where a lot of my thinking has been lying over the past years. Recently, I've begun some discussions with some designers with esoteric interests from abroad, so we'll see what comes of that.

I have a whole fucking business model and concept just waiting to come to fruition after I finish work on this resto-bar I am working on this year!