21 February 2006

My absence

Photo by the wonderful Kara YerexJust wanted everyone to know that I've been working on an article for some kind people at the Stanford Institute of Design (d.school), on "Spirituality and Japanese Design Practise." I've learned more about Japanese aesthetics than I ever thought possible, which is also why it has been kicking my ass for the past months. (Sorry, Wendy!) Whether they end up using it is a whole other question, as I've found that I have difficulty translating my thoughts from their abstractions into lucid, flowing written pieces.

The beauty is that I believe this blog has now become moot as I've answered my own questions about occult design. In the coming weeks, I shall have to figure out what to do next with myself. As the article is cleaned up, I shall see if I can throw it up for everyone's pleasure. What I learned from the Japanese correlates with what I've recently been covering in my guest-lectures at the University of Alberta. The two are relative to one another, but the West needs to be educated in its approach.

The above photo is by my friend, Kara, and compliments the piece. We'll see what the future brings shortly!

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