10 December 2005

Upcoming new Peter J. Carroll book

From Specularium, his website on the physics of three-dimensional time. I am looking forward to this!
After a decade of research a fourth book, probably a final magnum opus, begins to reveal itself, provisionally titled:

The Apophenion, - chaos magic, sex and death.

Provisional overview of contents:

Part 1, Apophis. Nothing 'is' true. Death. Destruction. Logos. Unravelling the illusions of being and self.

Part 2, Apophenia. Everything 'is' permitted. Sex. Creation. Mythos. Creating more effective illusions. The unconscious-superconscious equivalence.

Part 3, Liber AAA. Chaos Magic. Apophusis, Apophasis, and Apoptosis in General Metadynanics. How magic exploits the hidden structure of the quantum microcosm and the cosmological macrocosm. Ouroborous.

Inspired in part by the Eight Weeks, I've found my Muse, and I'm pregnant, and its exhausting. Gestation time at least a year, maybe two, but its coming.


I like how a lot of people bitch and whine about Nothing is true not making much sense, though who said it was supposed to. Here I think Carroll sums it up proper:

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

Just think on it for a bit.

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Joe said...

Its out now mate, you can get a copy from Mandrake of Oxford, i got mine (signed ;o) last weekend and have almost finished it... buy it, NOW - you wont be dissapointed. It really is his magnus opus.