03 December 2005

An Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math

Masonic Mural at California Grand Lodge, based on the Golden Proportion
Many thanks to chressie for pointing this out to me. What I absolutely adore about mathematical visualisation is that, like any symbolism, you can apply it to one's life, society, whatever. This is what the occult does, it's a poetry by which we can ellicit new meaning and contexts by which to live and experience the story. But because these visualisations are rooted in nature, the very fabric of how the universe operates, when you apply them to other aspects of one's subjective view really natural and orderly comforts arise, for me at least.

Link to patterns of Visual Math

Too many people forget that their point of view is just that, theirs, and that if they could remember to, daily, spend just a moment looking at the world from another angle, they'd be a helluva lot better off. Math lets you glimpse through the eyes of nature. Practice is good, and the more you try to apply symbols, such as these, to history, sociology, your own psychology, commerce, whatever, the more you exercise that ability to look at the universe with subtle, occult eyes. I have the utmost respect for those that are learned in thinking in math.

And ultimately, you work towards being able to truly see and relate everything back to One. One point, one existence. Outside of time. Outside of language. Just One.

Only a very few ever get to see the world as Nothing, No Thing, Ain Soph, and whatever lies beyond.

Learn to experience the relativity of symbols to every aspect of life, and your mind will grow. Just don't go the path of the late Vancouver magician, Frater Achad, and lose your grounding in your own here and now, your own personal monomyth.

EDIT — Forgot I had this tagged from before: Sacred Geometry Home Page, with some really cool copy to peruse. :-)

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