22 December 2005

Fell’s Worthwhile Posts of 2005

According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of results will come out of 20% of what we do. Over the past months, there have been some worthwhile posts and thoughts. I generally use this as a log to record any ramblings I might have, to keep in order ideas or thoughts for later use. I use del.icio.us for the same reason. So out of past posts, here are the highlights. Seperating the figurative 20 from the 80.
  1. The Art of Seduction
    This was one of my first posts. The 24 steps in proper seduction. This is not about relationships; this is more like lions hunting gazelle. You wanna get laid, try this out. You want to find a nice someone to date, stop at about Step 9 and leave the rest to fate. These points preface each chapter in The Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene.

  2. Rites of Passage
    Rob Smith over at Gut Rumbles (fun site) wrote a good piece which I posted here about youth in North America and our rites of passage into adulthood. Not youth, like kid youth, but like us in our twenties and thirties. I've read that it's common to look at youth until the age of 30 now. Which makes me twenty-seventeen. It's true, I shouldn't be allowed out in public, really. Good ol' Tim Boucher followed up with some more commentary, which is also quoted in this post.

  3. Casting sigil magic to get laid
    I don't know whether to call the effects that occur after the casting of a sigil as consequential or subsequential. This is a forewarning for those that would cast sigila in an attempt to get laid. Nothing ever comes about as you'd expect. And it's good to know your true intention, not the one your ego tries to make sense of. Goddamned ego.

  4. Libertarianism & Transhumanism
    Good topics. People seem to host a healthy fear towards both, as both represent, as far as I'm concerned, the further liberation from today's restraints that we live with as not just a society, but as an epoch. Unbridled freedom. Which equals unbridled responsibility for oneself and one's actions.

  5. Today's e-mail from a student
    This was from an earlier talk I had with the Witchcraft & Occult Studies class at the University of Alberta. I edited out her name, but it's an interesting read over how the results of playing with magic can shock and awe. The mind makes a consistent effort to not believe, but when results are noticeable, people begin to freak right out. She was a good sport, though!

  6. The spiritual in design
    My first inklings and thoughts about the similarities of the fields of design and magic. I was doing a lot of contemplation on the meaning of the saying, We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.

  7. Concerning the spiritual in art
    Further discussions with Tim Boucher of Pop Occulture aided in the development of ideas that I am still working with regarding occult principles and design practise. While much of it is being logged by me via del.icou.us, and in my head and scribbled in notebooks currently, it will definitely begin to come forth in the following years. I also began to re-enter the works of the Russian-born French painter, Wassily Kandinsky (1886–1944).

  8. The Philosophy of Photoshop
    Further thoughts inspired by great discussions on Pop Occulture, is my continued thoughts on Tim's original analogy comparing raster and vector graphic formats to Aristotle and Plato, respectively.

  9. Psychopathic paradox
    On the access of information and the burgeoning field of information architecture and design, in regards to the potential for further self-awareness through responsibility to oneself. As control over one's perspectives becomes more evolved and apparent in the individual, reality will begin to shutter into a shadow veil of its once (and current) prison-like hold it has on most civilisations. Dreamtime merges with meatspace via open source!

  10. Gender matters
    This raised some eyebrows on Technoccult when I was guest-editing. The little-known Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program studies the affects of human consciousness over mechanical equipment. Their results show a difference between how male and female consciousness interacts, which I see mirrored in the numerous persons I've come across in the past who've been introduced to the magic and made personal attempts to get involved. Most end in successful early attempts, then fear, followed by their retreat from their subjective selves and back into the social streams from whence they came.

  11. The future of the market, the future of spirituality
    Inspired by Media Nugget and The Cluetrain Manifesto, taking a look at contemporary issues concerning spirituality and religion when look at through the lens of brand design and marketing. This is the essence of where I want to go with a particular venture of mine in the next decade.

  12. Chaos as a "brand in trouble"
    Following on the heels of the previous entry, my embrace of chaos has never been subtle. I live by its tenets, and have pursued them in life. In work, play, relationships, I can appreciate the order, but it's when the fit hits the shan that we are blessed with the opportunity to gauge how we're doing in the game, overall. Not to get into details, but the fact that I haven't pushed someone down the stairs this month is a testament to my ease of eschewing order in favour of change. In no way do I claim to be its master, but as I observe it I learn more about how to communicate its effects to others (better in time, I say).

  13. Photocopier fractals
    What begins as a look at a novelty photocopier trick digresses into an entry on paradigm management. Wow, I just came up with that. Paradigm management. This is why I like this blog, I never take time to think things through until it needs to go down. Paradigm management. These are two words that hold much power for me, as they define something I've been trying to wrap my head around a lot over the past years.

  14. Who peers back at us from beyond
    Like many, until recently I believed that many of what we refer to as occult intelligences or entities were aspects of the deep consciousness of man. That the observer-created universe would allow, through certain occult rites and knowledge, the evocation or invocation of these intelligences, these Deep Ones, as it were. This was a major turning point as I now begin to understand the abstractions of a Beyond. Hard to put into words, but a worthwhile accomplishment through my continued meditations, subjective explorations, and a continuous quest for knowledge — which allows a framework for me to explore my experiences. Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom.

  15. Waiting is another world
    A fun analogy between service industry culture and cults, and how traumatic situations or relationships can build stronger unions among individuals. Families, friends, and any social clique can benefit from overcoming trauma together.

  16. Design couture
    This post received a lot of hits. There is a hierarchy to wisdom and understanding. This is really what the occult is: a deeper and intimate knowledge of something (or nothing, which is the case when you become enlightened). Yves Saint Laurent said, "A designer who is not also a couturier, who hasn't learned the most refined mysteries of physically creating his models, is like a sculptor who gives his drawings to another man, an artisan, to accomplish." The same can be said of any aspect of one's life, no?

  17. Can products have soul?
    Another entry that received noticeable attention. From an interview between Michael Surtees, of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and Halifax-based artist Jennifer Romita. Everything is, of course, composed of spirit and we all belong to the Universe — G@d, the Demiurge, a cybernetic function embedded in the holographic structure, Flying Spaghetti Monster, whatever. But what does it mean to have a soul? In an inter-subjective universe, what I observe is just as important (or moot) as what you ascribe yourself. Unless, of course, you've escaped such mortal entrapments.

  18. A wee introduction to cymatics
    Cymatics is cooler than two girls making out. The very vibrational essence underpinning language, music, art… and crop circles? Hans Jenny pioneered this field and it's unfortunately not being pursued by enough people in today's world.

  19. Here be demons
    A look at how to possibly bridge a communications gap existing between the Beyond and the observer-created universe through vacuous, self-evolving virtual environments. If we can build a portal by which to communicate with those on the Other Side, this may be the viable abstraction necessary for its design. Especially if language-learning algorithms can be implemented, which I have posted about elsewhere.

  20. Concerning magical parfums
    A lot of people do not realise not only the importance of the olfactory senses in magical operations, let alone the power they have over us.

  21. Towards a pragmatic occultism
    The beginnings of something that will take a lot of work to fully realise on my part, and understand. William S. Burroughs said, "Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exist by observing it. And his hope for other people is that they will also make it exist by observing it. I call it 'creative observation.' Creative viewing." Now apply what he said to branding a new service initiative crossing spirituality and the subjective monomyth…

  22. Interview: Tim Boucher of Pop Occulture
    I don't claim to be a good interviewer, but it was fun to do and I have a lot of respect for Tim and what he's accomplishing with his site, Pop Occulture. His dedication is admirable and this gives a more personal look into why and what he does. It's a little long — about a five-minute read — but worthwhile for any of his fans.

  23. John Maeda on experience as beauty
    A short entry by myself on something I read on designer John Maeda's blog. In his quest to study simplicity, there is an inherent poetic beauty akin to a master's wisdom that has come to the brink of beginning to understand Zen, or no-thingness.

  24. NIN's Gnostic "Right Where It Belongs"
    Pointing these lyrics out inspired a lot of people apprehensive about the recent Nine Inch Nails album to take another listen, and with positive results. It's often too easy to write off musicians, but there are definitely a few worth spending the time to look further into. In time I'd like to work on a collection and edit it with some DJ and engineer friends of mine, including the likes of k-os, Sweatshop Union, and Tool.

  25. Do you belong to a secret?
    By how do we define our tribal selves? Some elements, like Hollywood films, use such cultural touchstones so ubiquitously as to rend them trite. I remember when punk was fucking punk. Now every teenie-bopper suburban whore has piercings and coloured hair. The faux-hawk came and went, adorning the scalp of every under-educated Rohypnol-bearing date rape jock asshole this side of the hockey rink. Designers must take into account the symbolism and fashion of cultures and their subsequent subcultures. And is possible to engineer the birth of certain symbols and semiotics? A marketer's wet dream, surely. As it is that of a magician, too.

  26. A Metaphysics of Human Interface
    A little ditty I wrote for a design publication in the United States, which explains the theory behind sigila and their construction. And sorta why they work. Never published due to it being out to leftfield of the intended theme of the particular issue I wrote it for.

  27. The mirror as powerful tool
    I do not believe this entry is fully complete, but I brought to light some of the powerful techniques that individuals can learn. By utilising a mirror, one can explore extremely potent results for use in visualisation, paradigm shifting, and even access to the Dreamtime. I even find these exercises can be used to accomplish similar feats of mind as mantras are engineered for: occupying the surface thoughts, allowing one's lucid consciousness to drift beneath that cacophony into a subtler realm.

  28. "Romantic Death"
    This song from The Sun is not only catchy, but the video presents some awesome footage from the Beautiful Agony project of a number of person's faces over the course of self-stimulation and eventual orgasmic climax. I think it's an absolutely beautiful piece. Most people don't watch it just once. Score one point for sexual liberation in the West. Fuck you, Catholicism.

  29. An Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math
    The last entry worth perusing from 2005 is that of straight-up, pure beauty: that which nature Herself creates. Some of the included visualisations include Platonic geometry, iterative and natural fractals, minimal surfaces, the Golden Mean, the Mandelbrot set, and more. Look in awe, then lay down Her vengeance on your local non-Kyoto Protocol-abiding corporation by joining your local Earth Liberation Front (ELF) chapter.

Thanks to those that stop by and check out this blog and sites in the community such as listed in the Occult section of the blogroll, notably Alchemical Braindamage, Corpus Mmothra, Channel Null, kylark, dunneIV, Father Jordan Stratford+, Gnostic Friends Network, The Huge Entity, LVX23 and madghoul from Key 23, Mind Hacks, Tim Boucher, Technoccult, and everyone else! Together we'll continue to explore the occult online and look forward to its exciting evolution in the course of the Age of Information.

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