24 November 2005

Thank you, U of A

To the 180 or so students that listened to me ramble on between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I just wanted to say thank you for listening. I was most likely more coherent for the Wednesday evening lecture as I was feeling not as ill I've been. Please feel free to e-mail with any further questions or post any results from the experiments I gave you to try.

And many thanks to Joanne Wotypka, for every time I speak to one of her classes it allows me to further gauge what areas I need to focus on and which are applicable. I know my speaks are often a chaotic melange of references, from one thing to another, as my thoughts web out in my head. I've never been one to think straight. But this helps as I can further refine better ways to teach these subjects in quicker amounts of time, and hopefully find more media to make use of, too.


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