09 November 2005


I first heard of the viciously hedonistic massively-multiplayer online (MMO) video game, Sociolotron, from an old acquaintance of mine. He'd been playing it online when it was in beta and proclaimed that if there were any video game made specifically for me, it was this. Then I promptly forgot about it, as I'm wont to do.

Came across it again this evening, and it seems to continually be developing. This is a game that apparently "looks more like Dreamweaver than The Sims." But the thing that draws people back to Sociolotron in particular is "the dogged pursuit of removing any obstacle to character actions." Case in point:
The thing that will get most folks to play Sociolotron is the fact that the game is explicitly designed to be absolutely debaucherous. The skills range from the normal (blacksmith, sword, etc.) to the strange (prostitution, succubus). Sociolotron focuses on skill development, property acquisition, and social roleplaying to motivate the gameplay, and what it lacks in the graphics and polish department is made up for in the What the fuck?!? department.

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