04 November 2005

Huxley, world's first MMOFPS

I'm not going to pretend this has anything directly to do with anything, but I've been known to enjoy a game here and there. Today I came across a piece on the new video game project by Korean developer, Webzen. It's called Huxley. It's built with the yet-to-be-released Unreal Engine 3 (which has garnered enough accolade on its own merit). And it's the first massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) to be conceptualised to fruition.

First off, start this download as it takes a while to get over here from beautiful Korea: right-click HUXLEY_01(1).wmv, or view it here. There is another video online, as well as plenty of screenshots.

I played it for a few months over Christmas 2004, but ultimately cancelled my World of Warcraft account and uninstalled it from my machine after a few months of playing. It was like the fucking Sims, trying to manage shit I have to do in real life: work, piss, play, sleep… repeat. This is not enjoyable to me. When I watched my wee hobbit character, E√§rwa (named after the world in R. Scott Bakker's The Prince of Nothing series — yes, that was a shameless plug), actually fishing and having to wander around, gathering stuff to level up. Essentially, many people are trading the money they earn at jobs in this world to spend time re-enacting similar tasks, albeit much easier to do, in a virtual one.

My problem with the concept of MMORPGs is that you do the same thing at level 5 as you do at 10, 15, and 20. You just continue to accumulate experience points and level, but really the same gameplay is involved in clicking and whacking a baddie with a dagger as it is with your +1 Battleaxe of Iron Forge. Some speculative orders of spells, potions, and whatever may add some level of strategem, but it takes something like a sports game or a FPS to actually provide what I consider is real talent. Why? You give both players their choice of weapons, and it just comes down to who's reflexes, practice, and aptitude are more honed to that particular shooter.

Okay, enough with the game talk. This is silly. Go check out Huxley.


elitebow said...

Planetside was a mmofps developed by Sony and released in 2003. It was a great game until, as in all MMO games, it succumbed to massive nerfing.

Fell said...

This is true, though I was so excited when I initially wrote this I didn't take Planetside into account. Also, I believe there was something of a World War shooter that could fall into this category, too, but Huxley looks to really take into account a full spectrum of MMO qualities to really leverage it as a milestone in the genre.

But yes you're right, Planetside beat it to the punch.