08 November 2005

Gigantic apes co-existed with early humans

via Pop Occulture
Leave it to the always-intrepid Tim Boucher: this interesting piece via Yahoo! News, à la Harry and the Hendersons, proclaims some very exciting news: that humans may have lived alongside others that may be the ancient root of contemporary yeti and sasquatch myth. According to the article, "Jack Rink, a geochronologist at McMaster University in Ontario, has used a high-precision absolute-dating method to determine that this ape — the largest primate ever — roamed Southeast Asia for nearly a million years before the species died out 100,000 years ago during the Pleistocene period. By this time, humans had existed for a million years."

It's fucking teeth were an inch across. Check it out with the above link.

If I had to make a completely unfounded and imaginary theory, I would figure that they do not require clothing, live in the Hollow Earth somewhere, and are enlightened masters that occasionally knock around Icke's reptilian slave-drivers for fun. I wanted to make a joke about them flinging feces at the reptilians, but chances are they know what I'm thinking and would find such a comment uncouth.

Bernz, I keep thinking you'd like this post, so this one is for you. Damn you and your Vancouver weather. Though, I did speak with Sarah this morning, so damn Curaçao and the whole of the Dutch Antilles, too.

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