21 November 2005

Eyeball technologies

Going over Future Feeder led me to three posts about technologies dealing with ye ol' eyeball:—

Alex Waibel’s “translations goggles” displays virtual subtitles.
Stan Jou’s translator captures electrical signals from facial muscles translating silent mouthing of one language to speech or writing in another.

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The prosthetic telescope, by VisionCare, is permanently implanted into one eye in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to reduce the ‘blind spot’, drastically improving vision (in over 200 patients in the phase 1 study).

via Medgadget | Israel21c

The Sarnoff Corporation’s new Iris on the Move™ uses infrared LEDs and an algorithm that isolates one’s iris for biometric identification (2048-bit code) on moving subjects. The device, similar in shape to a metal detector, only requires subjects to look forward while walking to scan at speeds up to 20 IDs per minute.

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Scott said...

Great stuff... thanks for the ideas about the books... always interested to hear things. Love the "thinker" post.