08 November 2005

Capsula Mundi

via Sarah on Inhabitat
This takes the cake for the most profoundly spiritual redesign in recent memory. A pair of Italian designers have approached the boring and taboo realm of death and presented more pre-Christian look at burial rites: "Death is the return to the natural cycle of life. Death is part of living and therefore created, the Capsula Mundi, a biodegradable coffin, that allows the body to decay naturally. A tree will be planted as a remarker above each coffin at burial. And so the burial ground will grow into a sacred, memorial woodland."

To quote Inhabitat's Sarah:
The Capsula Mundi is an egg-shaped container made of bioplastic. The body of the deceased rests in a fetal position within this capsule, which gets planted in the earth like a bulb. A shallow circular depression is dug above the capsule to symbolize the presence of the body, in the center of which a tree is planted. Over time, the groups of burial sites become a sacred memorial grove.

Very beautiful, indeed.


Kylark said...

This is how I would like my body to be buried. Embalming bodies and preserving them in concrete-lined tombs is ghastly. Let my minerals return to the earth. I would love to have a memorial tree.

coe said...

Oh wow, this is cool. Natural. Beautiful. Talk about circle of life.

Of course, we can all be buried in these beautiful places, each with our own tree and then the tree can grow up and be clear cut for a strip mall. (That's how they'd do it in the old US of A.)

Yvonne said...

I want to be buried in one of these (just seen it featured on oddee.com)

It's really beautiful.

Evn said...

I totally want one (in 35-50 years, Gods willing and the creek don't rise).

My family already knows not to have me embalmed, so it shouldn't be too hard to talk them (or me, that is) into this kind of coffin.

Maria ♥ said...

This has to be the most beautiful way to leave the earthly material world. And what a wonderful thing to leave behind a growing sprouting being to be remembered through.