27 October 2005

What does magic “look” like?

Okay, so it's really difficult to tell people that most of this stuff doesn't look like anything. Anyone familiar with visualisations, trances, or deep meditation will explain that it is an internal vision which is sorta there, sorta not there. Especially if you can see this stuff with your eyes open and still interacting with the stimuli of the manifest world. But for those of you just not yet willing to take the time to develop a subjective sight of the sidereal or non-corporeal, this is similar to what I see when I am entrained upon what may be, in chaos magic, referred to as a chaosphere. And yes, my eyes are open — but no, I do not "see" this with them. I believe it has to do with the morphogenic similarity between the pineal gland and the eyeball:—

Perusing MoCo Loco today, I came across this ambient spirograph. It was designed by lost in space, for Addictive TV's Mixmasters Series.
download the .mov

When working with Qi or energy or whatever, control over such sensations can be associated to a viscous, cloudy static sensation (for me, at least). As your perception further focuses on the energies, one begins to notice "vibrational frequencies" or discernible layers to them as condensate. Differentiating through these layers, one can manipulate them with something akin to a willed coercion of geometric patterns or emotional keys, for lack of better terms.

Although this animation is not exactly as I see, generally as I lose myself to the trance the dark energies begin to encompass most of my eyesight, as it does in the animation spreading from the centre out. The geometry isn't as discernible when I see it, but moreso when I am more immersed in a deeper state.

A good exercise, other than the chaosphere, for achieving this sort of entrance into this altered visual state is presented by Julius Evola and the UR Group in their excellent text on magic, Introduction to Magic (haha, also apparently "powerful and disturbing," according to that New Dawn link). The exercise put forth in that text is known as the "Caduceus and the Mirror."


Wizard said...

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Don said...

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