12 October 2005

Short-listed in Russia for a TaMga

This is kinda neat: I've been short-listed past the first round of judging for a Russian TaMga logo design award. It's advertised annually via the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda). And funny enough, it's between two logomarks that were vetoed by the clients in favour of their own "design" decisions. In order to input a typeface and unnecessary elements that they simply liked, that served no purpose, I had to butcher well-done work (at least in my opinion). In one case, the client actually went against certain design parameters set up initially by him just because he liked the aesthetics of certain colours and type… the resultant mark has absolutely nothing to do with the overall brand of the business.

I refuse to claim the actual purchased marks in my portfolio as my own work.

I doubt I'll win. I'm up against a lot of Russian and European designers, but it's nice to have my tummy rubbed from afar, as such.

EDIT — Is it just me, or does the TaMga award itself bear an uncanny resemblance to Constantin Brâncuşi's famous sculpture, Bird in Space?

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