12 October 2005

Oh those gosh darned Jehovah's Witnesses

Oh those crazy JWs!
Mark's recent post about a Christian children's coloring book from 1954 pales in comparison to the horrific images of placidly smiling Jehovah's Witnesses standing before a burning world. (I grew up a JW — what a mind job!) Many of these images are from books not primarily aimed at children, but children would be exposed to all these images — as I was — since they study right along with the adults at their endless meetings.

via Mike Pence à la Boing Boing

EDIT — If I paid more attention to what I did, I would have realised this was for Jehovah's Witnesses. Not Mormons. Changes have been applied.


channel null said...

I'm gonna play wet blanket here: The Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons aren't even close, save in the "crazy" and "door to door" departments. The mormons get bigger, and stranger--come on, they think the Angel Moroni gave them their holy book, but I can dig the polygamy part--the further west you go here in the states, but I don't know how popular they are up north in Canada.

Congrats on the nomination, as well.

Fell said...

Hey null,

Yeah there is a twon or two on the interuior of British Columbia that are essentially like barred Mormon cult communities. Every so often they feature a special on CBC Newsworld about an escaped wife from the communities and how life is there and how some old fart has like two dozen wives and they're not allowed to read and all that.

And thx!

Anonymous said...

The Witnesses and Mormons are both offshoots of the enlightenment adventist movement and are more similar than either would like to acknowledge.

Mike Pence

Fell said...

I think I've read about this before, but am unsure. I've grown up with both Mormons and JWs, but I wouldn't call them the most diligent followers. They've both got very cultish traits, which I could see firt-hand in their families.