02 October 2005

The base-in-a-briefcase with sentry gun

Okay, so I am as shocked as this guy was to come to the simple realisation that no one has actually built a sentry gun (link here). Especially after Aliens. Perhaps there is hope for the human race in that the military never got around to it, or that the first one invented was in some dude's backyard, with his little brother and a BB gun.

Tie this together with the $100 Laptop I just read about on Dodging Invisbile Rays. We could fit this all in a briefcase and set up command posts in parks and what not around the world. It would set the stage for the best game of BB gun war (or paint ball?) ever!

Or like in my last post, think of the future! Wetware WiFi linkage between our wee brains and we can remove our hands and replace them with laser tag guns and set up these neural disruptive sentry guns in our parks to play war. So much fun!

I mean really, once death is eradicated and our next major obstacle isn't related to religious or political fervour, the only challenge will be choosing those really hard girls (or guys) to date. War will be a televised sport. And that'll be fun. Though, on that note, nothing will be televised as it'll be replaced with downloadable experiences so you'll be able to dream-live the actual best highlighted plays from last week's World War XXIII which was neurocorded live from the decrepit remains of some American city, with the World War Championship Tournament this year being played out between semi-finalists: the United States of Canada's Federal Bureau of Mounted Police, Nintendo, Manchester United's Military Training Corps, and the Hilton Lunar Hotel. Why does this all seem so very Judge Dredd?


channel null said...

Like Burroughs said, the appearance of authority is authority. Set up guns and guards and a little mobile town hall and you're as good as king. Combine this with your previous post to keep out gov't spooks, and we'll have a "self-healing" TAZ set up soon enough.

As far as war as a sport, was it your site that brought up the design expo where one grad student's project was Taser Tag? He told the reporter, "It hurts a lot the next day, but it's really fun." I'm not so big on sport dating. The Paris Hilton Endurance Challenge sounds like the opposite of fun to me.

Fell said...

It wasn't me with the link to taser tag, but fuck am I excited to learn more about that. Wait… tasers are illegal in Canada. I ordered one in the U.S. many years ago and it was confiscated at the border. However, they did let me keep the included screwdriver and demonstrative video cassette tape. Darn you Yanks and all your aggressive entertainment! I guess it's back to lovey-dovey hockey and lacrosse for us Canucks. =P

{NOTE: I just looked up Taser Tag and it looks funny. However, it seems a bit lazy in that you don't even get to shoot or actually attack one another. You just come within 30' of others and whap a button to set off a jolt. I like the idea of targeting, it makes it more personal.]

I think, like securities, rights, and even liberty in general (albeit, they can be disputed), the more that society gets its hands on, the more exoteric the esoteric becomes. And that includes the engineering of contexts — which may have been the great secret mysteries of select cabals in the past. All the secrets are coming out of the closet now and we're gaining the same control over our own lives that those √©lite groups such as the Bavarian Illuminati used to have over societies in the past.

What we have to realise is that liberty over oneself isn't as easy and glamorous as it may look in theory. People will need to learn to deal with it, the ups and downs, the sweet with the sour, and embrace the pain and suffering just as they do the tickles and orgasms. I think in time our perspective will shift, like the thesis project of that Taser Tag, where we'll be ready to embrace all experiences in order to grow as persons: the highs and lows altogether.