16 October 2005

Art Gallery of Alberta

The news has already done its rounds, but it's been really tickling my imagination at what power architecture has over its community. Edmonton, my home, is not exactly a hotbed of design (of any sort, really), and this hotly debated re-design of the Edmonton Art Gallery hasn't gone unnoticed internationally.

Los Angeles-based Randall Stout Architects won the competition for the above-pictured design. The Edmonton Journal stated, "Where Will Alsop, the designer of that bold and colourful bag clearly despised us, where Zaha Hadid, the London superstar, couldn't even bother to set foot in the gallery, Stout really seems to have grasped the Zeitgeist of this quirky place, to have given us a museum that doesn't mock or condescend, but which promises to welcome us all in."

And now the gallery is being renamed the Art Gallery of Alberta, or AGA, in honour of the Government of Alberta who dropped some coin on the project.

On a total side note but in celebration of our humble city, I managed to get my hands on the new Hömewrekers' album today. It's not out till Halloween, but they just returned from tour, picked up the new CDs from Vancouver on their way back, and one of the girls was kind enough to hook me up a couple weeks early. Check them out if you like that old school NYC punk. But with hawt chicks.

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