07 September 2005

Teaching design… teaching occultism?

I hadn't been over to Social Design Notes recently, and just came across details regarding the teaching of design curricula worth remembering for when I approach my guest-lectures this autumn (one on contemporary occultism, another on purchasing proper design services for an entrepreneurial class). Any aid in organising the chaos that is my thought processes is a godsend.

Here are some aspects of from his post, "Teaching Design," that will make me sane, and questions "what a book of progressive design curricula would look like." As in a previous post dealing with the MIT Digital Information Design Camp, I am want to ascertain if its possible for me to structure a proper method to exploring contemporary occult education. All I really did was switch around some of the words in the previous post, but it initially helped me with the concept.
  • Using design research and problem solving methodology to address civic issues
  • Designing visual tools for public participation
  • Reading assumptions encoded in images, structures, and practices
  • Design for community building and advocacy
  • Using design to streamline civic processes
  • Issues on sustainable design and responsible printing
  • Methods of user testing
  • Multi-lingual design

It would cover media including:
  • Basic typography
  • Information design
  • Documentary or narrative design
  • Posters, graffiti, and street art
  • Transportation graphics and civic way finding
  • Mapping
  • Branding and communications design
  • Design for multimedia

Social Design Notes goes on, "It would integrate principles of cost-effectiveness, accessibility and inclusiveness, usability, environmental sensitivity, and technologically appropriate solutions."

He makes a strong case that people are in dire need of this sort of curriculum, and so do a few other articles regarding the mediocre state of design grads being popped out.

Now I wonder if it's applicable to the structure of a proper occult curricula? I sometimes wish I were born more left-brained. I supposed I need to work on that… meditation and smart drugs?

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