02 September 2005

“New Orleans is Sinking”

image via Channel Null
Seriously, I just made the connection between Hurricane Katrina and the classic Tragically Hip song, "New Orleans is Sinking" (c. 1989). Not to make light of what has become a tragic situation for many, my heart goes out to those who deserve it, but I find this a fascinating exposé of people without law enforcement around to kick the shit out of them when they decide to start pillaging and raping innocents.

I guess when Judgement Day arrives (in like seven years, three months, and nineteen days?), there will a lot of people that are going to get a spanking.

This also goes to show that we're not mature enough to adopt libertarianism quite yet. Not because of the pillaging and raping, mind you, but because this retarded ideal that everyone is equal is so strictly enforced amongst the middle class that even those that deserve to be out there kicking the shit out of rapists get sent to prison because we (uh, who?) have decided that very good people deserve the same rights as idiot rapist cannibal pedophiles. Or, that idiot rapist cannibal pedophiles deserve the same rights as, say, good ol' Steven Spielberg or lawyer Peter Benenson (the founder of Amnesty International).

Of course, in the real world they don't, but again this is not based on any sort of honour or moral coda, it's based on money. So while some nice dude gets the legal fuxorization for, say, cutting the balls off the kid who raped his daughter, corrupt politicians, actors, anyone remotely resembling anything dealing with American oil or Enron, and Martha Stewart waltz out of their white collar prisons and go right back to the same lifestyle is built upon screwing the rest of us in one way or another.

(It may be referred to as "blue collar" in the U.S., I think the terms are reversed on either side of the border. Rich cunts are known as white collar up here.)

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