14 September 2005

How to disappear in America without a trace

Came across this today on Kottke. Entitled "Vanishing Point: How to disappear in America without a trace." Here starts the document:—

What follows is the result of an anonymous upload to The Skeptic Tank with a request that I, Fredric Rice, review and edit it for content and format so that a web page may be made from it. I've removed a lot of the irresponsible comments and added about a fourth of the text you'll see below. (Note: On 21/Jul/98 I added sections 7 and 8. I'll also add that everything you read here should be considered opinion and idle speculation. The contact information on groups and individuals who can assist you may be out-of-date so plan your disappearance accordingly. On 28/Aug/04 I added section 11 based on discussions I had with a desert hermit. 21/Jul/05 section 13 was added.)

I found some of the information provided to be interesting enough to agree to the request to post it. There are many good reasons to run and hide from people (or the government) just as there are many bad reasons. Please don't take the existence of this web page as any endorsement of any kind -- I've taken some care to remove the irresponsible nonsense and to add some words of reason to the text. Additionally I've provided a great deal of contact information for charity organizations which help feed and shelter people.

Here are the sections you will find:
  1. What I'll be discussing in this how-to essay
  2. Understand who or what you're hiding from
  3. Throw away yourself and build a new you
  4. Keep from depositing traces of yourself
  5. Keeping yourself hidden
  6. People and Organizations Which Can Assist You
  7. Employment: Food, Shelter While on the Run, While Underground
  8. Checkpoints on America's Highways — People Looking for you
  9. Summary
  10. Special note to Earth Liberation and Animal Liberation groups
  11. South Western Deserts as a Place to Hide / Squatting
  12. Freight Hopping — Riding the Rails
  13. Dropping off the Grid: Peace Corps, Others
  14. Montana Supreme Court Notes Ability to Track Everyone


channel null said...

Not what I had hoped for, although there is a gem to get a new name and SSN--the States' version of a national ID, you can't work formally without one--an excuse not to have an address or any other identification by claiming "have been on the streets for a long, long time."

Fell said...

Yeah I've also come across some better .txt files and references to books published, but it sort of sparks the imagination and I've never really looked too deeply into any of this.