06 September 2005

Black Day to Freedom

Beyond™ is a collaborative project between Professor Glenn Hardaker, Huddersfield University Business School, and Rob Chiu, The Ronin.

What may be viewed as a polarised relationship is actually providing a unique partnership driven by creativity and the desire for social change. Issue one, entitled "Black Day to Freedom" covers issues relating to refugees, displacement and asylum seekers.

Beyond™ addresses social issues via illustration, design and motion thus raising the awareness of the subject via a unique informal learning route.

All contributions to the book including editorial support have been provided FREE and this illustrates the unique nature of this newly emerging collective of internationally recognised creatives from around the world. The book consists of contributions from internationally recognised designers, photographers, writers and artists.

Accompanying the book is a truly inspiring and thought provoking DVD containing a short film/animation realised by The Ronin.

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