25 August 2005


Checking out the new trailers, I came across Marc Forster's new flic, Stay. It first struck me as likeable because Ewan McGregor and Bob Hoskins appear in the trailer, both of whom I respect. then I saw Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling, two of my favourite actors. Interesting and very intelligent cast, so I am putting my money on Stay being one of the year's better films (director Forster also did Finding Neverland and Monster's Ball). Secondly, the beauty is that the director is German-born and the three leads are all of the Crown: a Scot, a Briton, and a Canadian. Gotta throw some hurrah! in there, eh?

Anyhow, after our Rocky Mountain escapade last week, we were listening to some old music that I'd not heard in a while… namely old Offspring, Bloodhound Gang, and other stuff. A few days later I went searching and found Filter's first LP in a box here, Short Bus. I haven't listened to this CD in many years, nor heard any Filter in nearly as long. (I ignored their later albums, none of which were as good as Short Bus.) I've literally been listening to this CD in my car straight for the past week now. Nothing else. Just Filter. It's running through my head. "Hey Man, Nice Shot" was the last song I heard about an hour ago returning from CafĂ© Select with Tara. And that was the very same track in the Stay trailer.

Doesn't mean much to anyone, really… but any peculiar synchronicity is worth taking note of. Especially when I had such an odd sense about the trailer while listening to the song and having the emotional tension of McGregor's character running amok in it.

I'll keep my eyes open for any other manifest similarities in the next while. It's no 23, but it'll have to do for me. ;)

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