25 August 2005

Rick Mercer has a blog!

Well you can't believe my happiness in learning that Rick Mercer, of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, has a blog now. Oh Canadian politics was never so good… nor was interviewing Americans on national tv.
One of Mercer's trademark comedy routines on 22 Minutes was "Talking to Americans" in which he would travel to major American cities and conduct on-the-street interviews with average Americans regarding Canadian politics, the weather, etc., often with hilarious results as the subject's ignorance about Canada was illustrated. One famous example saw Mercer asking Americans' opinion about the alleged decision by the Parliament of Canada to reduce the number of seasons in Canada to only two: Summer and Dark. On another occasion he got the support of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in calling on Canadians to save the "National Igloo."

Mercer made international headlines in 2000 when he pulled a "Talking to Americans" stunt on then-presidental candidate George W. Bush. He successfully got Bush to answer questions about non-existent Canadian Prime Minister "Jean Poutine" (a play on the real politician's name, Jean Chr├ętien). Bush was not amused at the time, though he would make a joking reference to this incident during his state visit to Canada in 2004. To be fair, Mercer also got Democratic candidate Al Gore to promise to visit the Canadian capital city of Toronto after his election (Canada's capital is Ottawa). (See the article on "Talking to Americans" for more information about this stunt.)

Online, Mercer is holding a contest to comp images of Alberta's own King Ralph. There are some gooders so far, I'll have to give my hand a go at it if time permits. There are Judas Priest Ralph, Wizard of Oz Ralph, and more. Anyone from Canada should find this more than a little amusing.


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