26 August 2005

Overview of experience design companies

I've been getting really into the stuff going on in experience design lately, which was probably spurred by my interest in alternate reality games earlier this year and the time I spent researching the Melbourne phenomenon known as neurocam.

I just lifted this list from Putting people first, more so I remember to look into them all in time and have it readily accessible. I also snagged his links to add to the side of my own here so I can sieve through them over time.

The list of experience design companies is growing longer and longer, so Mark Vanderbeeken organised it differently to include location information (most UX companies are US-based still):—
Adaptive Path, San Francisco, CA, USA
Antenna Design, New York, NY, USA | Founded by Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger
Brand Experience Lab, New York, NY, USA | The company of David Polinchock
Creative Good, New York, NY, USA | Mark Hurst's company
Customer Passion, New York, NY, USA | Founded by Joseph Conrad Fletcher
ESI Design, New York, NY, USA | The company of Edwin Schlossberg
Experience People, West Chester, OH, USA
Experience Research, UK | The company of Richard Linington
Experientia, Turin, Italy | Mark Vanderbeeken, Pierpaolo Perotto, Michele Visciola, Jan-Christoph Zoels
Humanize Technology, Portland, OR, USA | The company of Lynne Duddy
Hydrant, San Francisco, CA, USA | Founded by Alder Yarrow
IDEO, USA, UK, Germany & Asia | Founded by David Kelley and Bill Moggridge
Interpix Design, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | Founded by Murray Sanders
Nathan.com, CA, USA | The influential experience strategist Nathan Shedroff
New Experience, London, UK | Founded by Simon Rubens
OMC Group, Winslow, Buckingham, UK | Chris Lawer's company
Optic Experience Design, UK (?)
Spirit Softworks, Boulder Creek, CA, USA | Founded by Pabini Gabriel-Petit and Richard Petit
Strategic Horizons, Aurora, OH, USA | The company of Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore
Triibe, Sunland, CA, USA | A brand experience consultancy
True Matter, Columbia, SC, USA
Unlimited Options, Minneapolis, MN, USA | Founded by Kyle Coolbroth
Weatherhead Design, Seattle, WA, USA | Founded by Andrea Weatherhead, Diane Andolsek and Jim Dixon

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