30 August 2005

Name design

Perusing Snark Hunting, I came across an interesting site called Wordlab, which tags itself as offering "free naming and branding consultants and resources." It's a neat look at how the naming process works and has people playing with language in a way more akin to corporate poetry. Under their Name Your Band pop-up tool, my favourite was The Bum Chums. If I had a band, I would so name it that.

From there, I went to Igor International, a naming & branding agency out of San Francisco, California. Now while Wordlab may be fine for the upstart and small business, I'd suggest it over a professional naming agency about as quickly as I'd suggest buying a stock logomark over consulting and working with professional graphic designers.

Check out Igor's site, as it's very forthcoming with helpful information about their process and they offer a complimentary 74-page PDF on their firm's theory and practice towards naming and branding, entitled Building the Perfect Beast: The Igor Naming Guide to Creating Product and Company Names.

ps — Tim, perhaps this can aid you in your identity crisis there?

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tim boucher said...

oh nice, thats actually a great resource to look at stuff like that. i never know where to find this type of shit myself. thanks. im downloading the pdf as we speak