26 August 2005

Here Be Dragons

From the white paper: "[Here Be Dragons is] an experiment in using emergent and genetic algorithms in generating virtual spaces. Through use of digital “genes”, Lindenmeyer (“L”) Systems, cellular automata and other procedural methods, users can navigate and interact with a world containing architecture and creatures that had no direct human designer. The landscapes and creatures use very similar algorithms, helping to create a coherency often lacking in less sophisticated pre-generated spaces. Procedural content itself offers a great amount of potential and interest in areas from simulation to game design."

Here Be Dragons has been doing the rounds online, mostly popping up on design and information architecture blogs. I've been very interested in it, but haven't really been able to put it into any sort of obvious relation to the occult or design. I mean, the elements are there, but my thoughts are still working with it in terms of abstractions. Language is difficult for me sometimes, me thinks.

(Here be Todd Furmanski's blog following Here Be Dragons dev, with more images.)

This experiment definitely has something to do with my last post, though. Teleology coming about in an evolving environment in which no designer is involved. Only algorithms based on nature.

Is this is a zone free of human definition and so-called Gnostic archons, growing on its own? Does this present the architecture for a "region" or interface in which humans can interact with entities beyond our normal sensate spaces? How do we ease an interface unto the "other side" so that we they can meet us in this middleground. Is it even possible?

Fuck yeah, everything is possible. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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