31 August 2005

Gnostics and liberals are bad people

via Enormous Fictions


michael said...

So I guess that makes someone like myself doubly bad... I like the new design, by the way.

Fell said...

Yeah, my guess is that the "evil" is about to start developing all over North America. Those poor orthodox buggers.

I think it makes me evil .5 × 2, so I get like one full point of evilness.

I hope to start building a new design later this year, this is a modified template I came across, but thanks! I look forward to seeing the changes you're making to Key 23. I've been too busy to spend any time on my own shit lately, which is both good and bad.

michael said...

Yeah, time is a commodity. I've probably spent six or so months trying to push out and develop the backend technology for Key 23 (in between work, work, work, and more work); but when everything is squared away, hopefully it will be worth it.