15 August 2005

“Gnostic” desktop wallpaper

Jordan Stratford has thrown down some sweet Gnostic design for all y'all's desktops. Now, at the office, you can represent.

He's uploaded a 1024×768 px version of it to Flickr here. Sadly, I am awaiting the 1280×1024 px image.

via Ecclesia Gnostica in nova albion

This is right along the path of where I wanna go with my propaganda. John Taylor Gatto stickers to come… I swear, just after I return from the Badlands and this insane bout of work that's been thrown at me gets done.


tim boucher said...

man, this really is a great idea. i feel like all of us are really pushing in from various fronts towards a common center... i have some excellent spinoff ideas based on this that i'll try putting together and posting in the next few days. i might have some other thoughts for stickers as well.

Jordan Stratford+ said...

If you go back to the site, you'll see a hipper version, at 1280 x 1024. Kvetch, and ye shall receive.