10 August 2005

Free remixes from The Faint

For those not familiar with The Faint, they're definitely worth checking out if you're at all into electronic, electroclash, 1980s dark glam, punk, et al. Their singles are available for free download from their site, as well as a bunch of remixes. A pretty sweet deal.

I am shocked they haven't gone big yet. Perhaps Americans don't know the talent in their midst? This would explain why Chris Carter's tv show Millennium was cancelled before its time and not available on DVD. Speaking of which, neither is Twin Peaks Season Two. WTF. I saw the first season of Punky Brewster and Full House on DVD at Future Shop, but no intelligent programming. Dumb fucking Hollywood arseholes.


EDIT — I was wrong. Millennium has finally been released on DVD and I am now going to plop my ass down and watch the first season!


Paul S. said...

i think The Faint has gone as big as any of their fans (myself included) are comfortable with, opening for Bright Eyes and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel. even though their incredible video displays and fashion sense are tailor-made for U2-scale arena rock, its still nice to see them playing cramped clubs and sweating for every dollar.

TP season 2 would be great, but what i'm holding out for is a remake of Wild Palms.

Fell said...

Good points, salaTHRUStra. But as in any business, I am sure they're working towards that U2-scale arena glorification, too.

Though, I could be totally off.