04 August 2005

The American delusion

I am on design and stock site Veer right now and there is, listed under new products on their frontpage, this about "Old Glory":
Evoke patriotism or pure graphic joy with those 3 colors we so proudly hail. A new gallery.

Interestingly, Veer is based out of Calgary. Veer used to be EyeWire. Before that, they were the old crew of Adobe's only Canadian studio: call Adobe Creative Studio or something to that effect. I believe Getty now owns Veer, however. What these clever Calgarians do is start up this stock design site, garner interest, and then sell it. (It was called EyeWire or something before Adobe initially bought them out.) Then they make a buttload of cash, then restart a new version of it. Sell it. Repeat. Their modern incarnation is Veer, which they made a hefty chunk of coin off of I am sure. Or maybe it was Getty that bought EyeWire or something. Regardless, they keep making a better version of the company and selling it off, over and over, to Americans with loads of cash.

And I know this because both Michael and Kelly used to work for Veer, when it was EyeWire. They made a whallop of cash to put a down payment on their first house. No work involved.

And funny enough, Veer displays its address on its catalogues and stuff as being located in either Seattle or Texas, I don't recall which. They blanch off of Americans and then pump grant dollars into the Canadian design industry (via the GDC and corporate sponsorships).

On this note, my roommate, Carmen, used to work for Neiman Marcus, the high-end specialty retailer catalogue. Their call centre, not just for Neiman Marcus but for about three other major American retailers, is located in Edmonton. When callers inquired, they were instructed to tell them they were located in Texas, near Austin I believe.

It's interesting to note how much other nations are selling the American dream (delusion? illusion?) back to them.

EDIT — I also just received a contract to develop the GUI for this international flower company that will be pursuing the American market with vigour and American pride. So we'll be dipping into the red, white, and blue.

On top of all this, I didn't even get to comment on Hollywood: or should I say Vancouver (pictured) and Toronto. I don't know the numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of major American blockbusters are all filmed in Canada. They just change the license plates and edit out or shoot around any Canadian flags in the background. Brad Pitt is in Edmonton right now, shooting
The Assassination of Jesse James. Just last week, here in town, too, Jeremy was an extra on the set of The Christmas Blessing with Rebecca Gayheart and Rob Lowe. Producer Craig Anderson will be returning to Edmonton after that shoot to start For the Love of a Child.

It reminds me of the whole fake moon landing conspiracy. Except now it's that all the "America" that Americans watch on their tv down there is really not America, it's Canada. This is inherently funny in many ways. And then when the Americans are up here, they proceed to call us "ice niggers" to our faces. Amazing tenacity, those Hollywood folk.

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tricksterspirit said...

Yes those Hollywood folks are amazingly superficial. They are the whores of whores, there is no one they aren't willing to sell out. I'm not sure exactly what makes them so superficial, maybe it's the Hollywood water they try to choke down (bleagh), or the fact they they intraveiniously ingest diet soft drinks by the gallon. Maybe they will learns some manners up north, or maybe you guys will just kick their asses and take over the industry. Either way I bet they'll deserve what they get.