08 July 2005

Uh, wtf is wrong with David Fincher?

Okay, let's play pretend here for a sec. Take Trent Reznor. Then take David Fincher.

Yes, sounds good so far, doesn't it.

Reznor made a very decent follow-up to what I considered to be an artistically meritable work with The Fragile (but nothing really stood out with it). Fincher, on the other hand, came into the fray strong back in 1992 a film I thought was very decent, Alien³, and then followed up with the stupendous genius of SE7EN (1995), Fight Club (1999), and the ingenius sleeper, The Game (1997).

But then he went to Panic Room.

And now this video for "Only" by Nine Inch Nails. Jesus Christ. What a boring piece of dog turd, and it doesn't even have anything to with the film. I just vented my frustration to Steve from New City, and he makes a fair point that directors of cinema rarely make good video directors.

It's still no excuse.

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