15 July 2005

Today’s e-mail from a student

And by fate of hand, this is actually the girl I mentioned in an earlier post that had left the class in a rush, only to return afterwards to speak to me briefly about not believing that magic is possible (she's a science major, so that's fair enough).

Oddly, out of the smallest class yet I've gotten two decent attempts to try sorcery out from the students. Perhaps I'm onto something here. The other woman's name is Victoria and she's been coming along very well, very quickly I might add. Within the year she'll be exploring things I've only touched on, thought if she continues her interest in me as a "teacher" figure, I'll have to continue to watch her fears. So far she has exhibited none, only a keen curiosity.

So onto this other woman's e-mail here from today:—
Hey this is [deleted] from the Witchcraft summer class. I dont know if you remember but I was the one accusing you of doing something to me! Sorry about that by the way!

Yeah so i tried some of the excersizes you told us to do and....... i dont know sometimes i think i can do it, usually only when i am by myself in my bed at night, not so much during the day. I always second guess myself trying to think of a logical explaination.

I think i actually saw a person's ora or whatever cuz i was at a seminar and just staring at the guy and i swear there was like a yellowy blue outline around him, but you know it might have beeen the light or something. As far as the rubbing your hand feeling yeah it feels really gross, even thinking about it makes you feel kinda sick. its cool though i guess.

This is the freaky thing i tried the symbols ,you know to get your desires, and i dont know, the skeptic in me tells me its just a coincidence but...... i wanted to try something easy so i just put "desire to see a red balloon" at first and i swear for two days i was seeing balloons everywhere!, finally the third day i saw the exact image that i was thinking in my head and everything calmed down. SO i tried it again this time to see an elephant, and i saw one doing what i was picturing on tv. But this is where it gets complicated, my boyfriend was trying to get into electrical engineering and last year he got rejected, so i made a symbol and memorized it, basically anytime i had a moment i thought about it, like at work, when my feet felt like they were gonna fall off or at the gym! and today he got a letter of acceptance.

I seriously feel like i am loosing my mind! I mean did i do that or was it his grades, the funny thing is about 4 weeks ago he almost got kicked out of the University for low grades untill we talked to the registar ppl and changed it. Shit do i even tell him, i dont want to make him feel stupid. I feel like i cant even tell anyone because they wont believe me anyways!

This is so crazy i never thought any of the stuff would work and i dont know whether to believe im doing these things or if it is just a concidence......I dont know i guess i am sending this email to get your thoughts so just give me a shout back when you get this if you have the time. thanks

ps i tried the activating the pinneal gland by closing your eyes and staring forward but i got freaked out and sometimes when i am really tired and staring straight in my bed i get so scared cuz i think i see something/someone moving around i have to turn the lights on! I guess i wont be doing that one anymore!

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Anonymous said...

This is true it works you just have to have faith.