18 July 2005

Spiritual aristocracy

Wow, after all these years of defending students of the occult and trying to slough off the élitism of the spiritual aristocracy as put forth by Jason (pictured above, right) and Daryl, I may be coming to agree with them. Even Baumle — from more of an Eastern point of view — stands by living a life of highs and lows, of the karma involved in individuals' searches for their own dharma. Jason has always taken an aristocratic approach to the occult, and been his own worst enemy when it comes to the questioning of himself. And I want to say Daryl is hate incarnate, but he's not. He's just very alien to me.

Baumle's comments regarding the "Think and Make Poverty History" campaign, as posted by Technoccult:—
What about Karma? Are there not reasons for the existence of poverty; and what are the extension of these? Is the egocentric body experience the whole truth and measure of being? Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, "The iron filings of Karma are only attracted to the magnet of the ego"; J. Krishnamurti said, "truth initiates its own action"; one of the 'four noble truths' of Buddhism is, man is the cause of his own suffering.

I think that the idea of the web site is certainly a beautiful one. But we can cut down all of the limbs of a tree, and still it will grow and reach for the light in the sky. Only until the roots of the tree are killed will it cease to strive for its desire.

I am not trying to be a prick, nor am I trying to piss on anybody's parade, I am all ways wondering (when I am lucky enough to hold a whole thought in my head), am I mistaking my finger for the moon?

Please forward any hate mail for me to, georgebush@satan's ass.com.

He brings up a good point. People try way too hard to fix the problem by addressing the symptoms once the problems have arisen, rather than really researching the holistic issues at hand. Generally it points to a personal responsibility somehow (hello, libertarianism) and I think that is why people avoid it: they dislike taking responsibility for the world's ills.

I fully believe it's within a human's capacity to make worldly changes, but it's also rare. Mostly, I believe it's within everyone to make their aspect of the world a better place. Now that's not too hard to do.

But with pain and suffering come lessons. We've all experienced tribulation before, some more than others, but that is where I am beginning to observe the patterns. I can't comment on the rest of the world, but I can comment on what I've observed directly in my own family and community. Fortunately, in North America, any suffering we encounter is a product of our own doing for the most part. Places like Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are different. These are self-inflicted hatreds, fears, and afflictions that are fostered on a social scale. But I also believe in the adventure, so if you can't take your life into your own hands and escape, that is your own choice. With some ingenuity, one can do anything. This is the Game, this is Your Life.

After watching friends face cancer and addiction — one of which is a fluke, the other a self-afflicted issue — I've had the honour of watching many overcome these hardships.

So when the occult community rallies to try to create these new subcultures of their own design, like the counterculture and this new ultraculture movement, I have to wonder what they think they'll accomplish.

Like, wow… I don't mean to offend too many people, but wtf is this? New Age cyberhippies gone wrong? I would ten times over buy into the Marilyn Manson camp than into this. Jason would have no end of annoyances to utter about this.

I really have nothing legitimately intelligent to say other than this bugs me. It's the same design and approach that makes the New Agers look like such muumuu-wearing social flakes and the Wiccans and/or goths look like target practise for regular beatings. As I implement more and more propaganda campaigns in Alberta, I'll be gauging the reactions to them in order to create a fertile public space in which to post posters and materials for the unique journey of the individual. Not rallying the Love Troops to try to heal the world with their idea of what it should be.

The whole point is that I will never know what the fuck it's like to be you, or you, or you, I only know me. And 95% of people don't even take the time to properly learn who/what the hell they are. Give them the tools necessary to bear psychopaths upon society with a reference by which to garner the experiences necessary to make up their own minds about what they should be doing with this blink of life they've been granted.

And if anymore of these spiritual fluffballs start preaching change and love and whatever else without really having worked on gaining the experience to back up their claims (e.g. if one more motherfucker criticizes me for working on demonic magic), or have not really delved into the subcultures and/or worlds of suffering, then you really don't know what abstract purpose it plays into society. Love is not the answer, understanding is. With understanding comes a grander wisdom of divinity, perhaps akin to love if you want it to be, but generally it is considered to be wordless, definition-less.

I think in the end all I really wanna say is, Our occultists can beat up your occultists.

EDIT — Fantastic Planet's J. Puma posted this on Tim's site. Even the fucking apostrophe is backwards. 'Nuff said:—


lvx23 said...

Uh, you should lighten up a bit and not take the occult so seriously. Ultraculture does not represent the occult community - it's simply an attempt to create a bit more connection and organisation between all of the diverse groups out there (and cut out the haters, yeah?).

Those 2 UC ads were done before Ultraculture was ever publicly defined. They were humorous and meaningless, only attempting to draw attention to the UC meme. Think UBIK. A bit of willed agitprop.

Consider the following:

And this:

And finally this:

And then go for a fuckin walk or something.

Anonymous said...

I really like the term "ultraculture," it sounds really cool, now I get to be an ultraterrestrial!!! I'm still not sure what it means, but I never was a fan of the heavy-handed messages on those pictures. You bring up some good points, particularly about the lack of depth amoung some occultists and their analysis. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that this is something of a near-universal problem, at least here in the states; the set of occultists overlaps with the set of morons, as it were. I'm not opposed to ending poverty, I'm all for it, but I think a lot of suggestions from the left, and the jokes from the right, reveal a lack of thought or knowledge.

I think it might be safe to say that Ultraculture suffers from some anti-Bush nervous tics--I most certainly do--which, in this day and age, is understandable.

I typically agree with the sentiment about responsiblity, but I'm wary of it--here in the States, "Libertarians" are often Randoid Authortarian types who really like paying a fifth of their income to maintain a bloated, murderous military--they're only a step away from the morons blaming welfare (3% of US federal spending) for high taxes. So, until I get to ride on one of those aircraft carriers I pay for, I'm suspending any alliances with libertarians. Likewise, the libertarian ethos wants to make it illegal to so much as join any extra-governmental organization, like a union, that just makes sense in face of the business's privelege, through incorporation, to do the same... There's a certain incongruency in libertarian thought here.

As far as the new age love bombing, "Love is not the answer, understanding is" puts into words something I'd tried to get at a long time.

Anonymous said...

"Love is not the answer, understanding is"

That's a damn good fucking quote.

The problem is if you want a bunch of love talk go to a friggin evangelical Christian church - that's all they ever blabber about.

The bigger issue is addressing the root cause of every human problem - not lack of love, but stupidity.

I am all in favor of occult organizing. This ultraculture meme might be a good idea perhaps because it is so damn silly and ridiculous it encourages more serious students to rebel against and thereby contemplate occult organizing.

Also, on the issue of libertarians, keep in mind that the tradition of left-libertarianism has been largely written out of history by nutty corporate apologist right-wingers and statist left-wingers who thought Stalin was pretty swell. After the 1930s and Comintern's purges plus the earlier purges by the US gov (Palmer Raids, WWI crackdowns, etc.) the left-libertarians were pretty much written out of history.

channel null said...

From what I gather, "ultraculture" is a politically-minded occult friendster, so we can find local goth and wiccan tarts. goddamnit. Come on, how can it be a movement if the website is 404'd?

I think what the occult needs right now is a heady dose of "understanding" to counteract the hippie-romantacism and replace it with some solid knowledge and wisdom of the events, history, and politics here in meatspace, malkuth. Call it the Current 101 Working or whatever. Adepthood doesn't have a World History entrance exam, after all--but maybe it should.